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Wallpaper Ideas: You Need To Know Before Decorating Your Walls

Edit: Zhejiang Ever-Power Decoration Co.,Ltd.      Date:Jun 02, 2017

                            Wallpaper Ideas: You Need To Know Before Decorating Your Walls

How can I paper a small room?

The worst wallpaper in this situation would be a dark-colored paper with a small print, says New York designer Fawn Galli. “It makes the room gloomy, even smaller and — in the most dramatic cases — claustrophobic.” Instead, go with a large, fantastical print, such as one of botanicals or birds. The oversized design creates the optical illusion that the walls are bigger.

Where should I try small prints?

These patterns work in rooms where you want a sense of calm, says Holly Becker, a stylist at Her favorites places include bedrooms and spacious master baths. One caveat: no great rooms or living rooms. There, small prints often fade out and get lost in the largeness of the space, a problem that’s identifiable only after the paper is up.

How do I keep it from getting too expensive? 

Do one wall in a dramatic pattern and add a mirror on the wall opposite, says Lee, which creates an echo of the print but doesn’t require the expense of papering both. If designer papers are out of reach for even one wall, consider creative options, like gift wrap and papering smaller areas. “I adore the trompe l’oeil series featuring vintage Penguin Book spines. Use it to line the backs of bookcases with double-sided tape.” (Other options for bookshelves are a punchy color or small print, suggests Galli, so the shelves don’t look cluttered once the books are placed.)

What do I do in rooms with low ceilings?

“Check out some of the dip-dyed wallpapers that are now available,” says Ashlyn Gibson, owner of the design and clothing store Olive Loves Alfie. They have intense color at the bottom, then fade out to white or neutrals at the top, giving the magical illusion of taller walls.” Vertical patterns like stripes create a similar effect, says Becker. “Consider painting the ceilings white or another light color, such as pale yellow or blue, to add extra height.”

How do I paper my bedroom?

Covering just one wall in an over-scaled, dramatic print makes a strong visual statement, says Lee, but it can ruin the peaceful, serene feeling that most of us want in that room. Her solution? Paper the wall that’s behind your headboard. Then, she says, “paint the walls that you face while in bed in soothing colors.”